i’ve been waiting for you

You’re so very welcome, dear Budd. I am grateful that the White Rabbit has led you here to my humble online estate. Maybe you are here to seek some answers , to seek some explanations, or to seek some understanding. Whatever your reason be, I hope I can help you.

red pill content

The red pill content covers those topics which make you question your reality, think and then think some more. This content is not for everyone.

blue pill content

This pill covers content relevant to your evolution in the 3D world as you see it. How-to guides, why-do-we guides, what-to-do-when guides and much more. In here, we will focus on everything which is ego-related i.e. relationships, career, money, self-growth, ego-deaths etc. We will also cover here the topics related to meaning of life and your existence in it, how to deepen your understanding and much more.


You decide how this content will affect you. The topics are random in nature and are inter-dimensional.