Namaste and a warm welcome! Before you browse through my website, please feel free to indulge in some fine music for company. There is a playlist provided at the footer below for you to listen to while you browse through my humble collection.

As you will further explore, you will come across with majority of my projects which I have worked on. Feel free to assess it, analyse it and compare it with your requirements. I am fairly flexible in my approach towards people and their projects. I care and my passion for creating unique content sets me apart.

I don’t write solely for money and I don’t do it as means to survival. I do it because I am free. I am free to care about people and the things they are passionate about. Simply speaking, if you are starting a venture then you treat it as your baby – you would want to give it your best. I have the same goal here; to care enough to give my best.

Now, I hope you like my growing collection and if you want to collaborate with me then reach out to me through ways listed below. I will be waiting patiently, just don’t take forever 🙂 Happy surfing!

Love and Light!

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