“Millennials are job hoppers” – is it legit to say it?

Change is the only constant in life and nobody encapsulates this better than the youngsters of the Millennial generation. The millennials are born and raised surrounded by dynamic technology, high ambitions and extravagant desires. It is as if the populace of this generation has been engineered to be as ever evolving as the society in which they live in and eventually, through this evolution, make the existing model of the same society obsolete and bring in a New Age made up of new rules and new Order.

What we, as a species, have to realise that nature knows only one thing and carries out only one duty – evolution. The human body is constantly evolving itself to fight against new contaminants each day or to adopt to the changing climates. To think that evolution will not permeate within the boundaries of our society and into our economic climate affecting its contributors and consumers alike will be a display of inadaptability out of arrogance. This goes against the flow of nature and eventually it will fade out of existence over time.

Over the generations of humans who previously inhabited this planet the emergence of millennials has given birth to a new instinct within a human being, to Seek. It can be exposure, experience or knowledge. Owing to the convenience that every tool we need to survive in a society has been made available online (education, work, food and dating), we no longer have the need to dedicate each awake hour of lives on a single pursuit thereby rendering us free to pursuit goals which provide us with a grander sense of self-fulfilment when achieved.

Millennials, with their passion for globetrotting, wanderlust and new experiences, are a marker for change in our current societal climate. People all over the globe are re-arranging their priorities. No longer do they feel the need to work at one place for more than 3 years as they want to seek new experiences, new opportunities, they want to take risks and set a legacy of their own for the world to remember them by.

The question of whether job hopping by millennials is for good or not is rendered moot because it is not about good or bad. Millennials are not hopping jobs to spite the authorities or to bring a rebellion, rather hopping jobs is not even a big deal to this populace because of the nature and grandeur of their ambition which is impervious to the judgements of the society.

Generations of people spent their whole lives trying to live the way their parents and grandparents did, of course the concept of millennial lifestyle will be alien to them but now there are people who no longer wish to conform to this set pattern but want to make the most of their lives by seeking as much exposure and experience they can.

If there is only one thing which the millennials have brought to our attention and appreciation, it is to live in the moment. They seem to understand and accept the fact the life is not about how many consecutive years you spend working but it is about how much you love the moment you are LIVING. The catalysts for a societal change have always faced the harshest criticisms not because their ideas are faulty but because man has become set in his ways and it is difficult to let go of something which you have known and lived your whole life.

To conclude, millennials are nothing but evolution. They are the harbingers of change, not instigated by a particular section of any population but by the need of Mother Nature to bring Balance in the Universe. Nature always seeks symmetry and balance in whatever it creates. So where centuries of human beings (creation of nature) survived by focussing only on survival (food, job, reproduction), now the balancing act has come in way of millennials who do not wish just to survive but to Live.

To categorize universal laws like Change, Balance and Evolution into good or bad may as well be interpreted as a display of ignorance and sheer arrogance of the human mind.

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