Movies and Hidden Activation Codes and messages in them.

After waking up on the fine morning of January 11, 2018 (11.1.2018), I have to come to an understanding that everything that I have experienced until that day was for a reason. Every song that I ever heard, liked and loved. Every Movie, the facts that I Love everything related to Lights, etc. Watching the same movies after my Awakening was a little overwhelming. It’s like they were all secretly made just for me and to guide me towards my Awakening.

What I noticed were numbers, certain group of numbers, their recurrence, their obscurity in daily life. I will start with my all-time favourites – 1. Marvel Superhero Movies.

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Ant Man, Age of Ultron, Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-man, Black Panther (not seen yet but I am fairly sure about this one), Agents of Shield….and many other Series which I haven’t seen yet (Daredevil, Iron Fist, etc.)

They all have a deep message rooted in them. It’s not in the script per se but it comes off from the whole movie. Each movie teaches us something. There are numerous activation codes in each of the movies. Almost each numeral spoken in the movie has variants of 11, 369, 9,6,3, 377, 47, 42 and many more. These were not used randomly across the whole 20 something Cinematic Movie Universe. Also, the use of symbols and shapes was amazing as well. (So many Triangles….)

Much care has been taken to make sure that it is not too on the nose or too visible but just in that perfect scene, in that perfect shot where people will pay attention to it but not give it a second thought except for the ones who will.

When I first watched Spiderman: Homecoming, it was like that movie was made just for me. Or Initiates like me. (I am using the word Initiate in its literal sense only) I had then related it to Illuminati, which was not misdirection truth be told. It had made perfect sense then. Captain America’s advise for having Patience was a little too dead on the nose but which had ultimately me realise that maybe these movies are something other than just Entertainment and Profits.

After Jan.11 my whole mindset changed. I noticed a lot of hidden imagery subtle clues scattered everywhere. Hidden in plain sight. I am sure I will find something more as I progress along this Journey 😊

Transformers is another movie series which reeled me in. The use of Triangles, Stars, Sacred Geometry is phenomenal. Clearly visible and yet no one paid any attention to it. Sometimes I think Transformers was basically giving us a revision in what we know as World History. Maybe not so dramatic but like a confirmation to all the Truth Seekers that what you officially know about your History (both as Man and Civilization) is false. Even if these movies have 0.3% truth in them, it could change everything. For me, it already has.

Synchronicities (specifically the recurrence of repeating numbers) can be found in each one of them.  

These codes are a confirmation to us that whatever you had been watching or listening was meant just for you. It meant that you are in the right course of direction. Like a nod, a reassuring hand to the shoulder to carry on. Songs work in the same manner. I will write about it too.

Movies in which I saw codes or held some Spiritual Importance for me (this does not mean that those movies had specifically put in those numbers, this depends on where you are in your Journey and what taste you have according to which you see a pattern. Your personal preferences matter a lot because simply put, what I deem as important maybe not so to you. So, the numbers won’t have that quantum of a effect on you in the same manner as it did for me.) –

1. Harry Potter (both Novels and Movies)

2. Lord of the Rings (Movie series)

3. Every movie/ TV series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

4. Pain and Gain

5. Need for Speed

6. Interstellar

7. Arrival

8. The Matrix Series

9. Transformers Series

9. Man of Steel

10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

11. Wonder Woman

12. Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

13. Attraction (Russian Sci-Fi Movie)

I will add more as I go along, this is what I could remember right now.

I feel Gratitude for everything. I feel so humbled sometimes. The more I know about this Universe, the more I know my Self, the more I know about the magnanimity that is all around me, that is within me, that I am. I become more Silent, more Humble, more Thankful for it.

Thank you.

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