10 artists all around India collab together to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami and my mind is blown!

To say that 2020 has been a year of our collective awakening is sort of an understatement at this conjecture. The world is finally waking up to its many harsh realities, changing scenarios and abundance of opportunities to evolve. But still, some things are still the same. For example, we Indians still find ourselves giddy at the thought of commemorating our festivals, even though we can’t hold a family gathering, we can’t go outside and dance away our troubles on the street with thousands of other like-minded souls — we still care.

11th & 12th August is the day Indians all over the world celebrate the birth of their most lovable deity – Shri Krishna. This occasion has been celebrated from ancient times and his birth anniversary is celebrated by most Hindu worshippers.

What is the significance of Krishna Janmashtami?

According to Hindu beliefs, when the world is engulfed with evil and when there is more evil than there is good in the world, Lord Vishnu himself takes on a human form to purge the world and lead its people back to the right path. Lord Vishnu has incarnated time and again to ensure that mankind is preserved in a state of Balance and Krishna was his 8th incarnation. He (Krishna) represents the destruction of evil and the importance of Dharma (Duty) in one’s life.


This year, 10 artists from around the country came together to celebrate the spirit of the Krishna Janmashtami. Each of the 10 artists created art which represented Lord Krishna in his various forms. As I saw their creations, I could feel nothing but awe at their creativity, the innocence with which they created their art and the emotions involved behind these creations.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

  1. Putul Bhattacharya (@PutsNuts_)

This amazing artwork depicting blue skinned Lord Krishna with Radha, her most devoted worshipper, lover and partner represents the bond which they shared through their mutual love of music, colors and nature. Loving the quilled peacock earring!

Materials used by the artist – Acrylic colors, Uniball liner pen (black) and multicolored quilling paper strips.

If you are into Mandala art pieces, DIY crafts, Painting, Illustrations then check out the amazing@PutsNuts_ on Instagram for collabs. You won’t find a better collaboration.

2. Lokesh Loki (@lokesh_lokiee_)

One of the most amazing pieces. Lokesh uses natural elements as his main ingredients for creating artworks. This particular piece, inspired by Krishna Janmashtami is done by just using stones. The piece represents the little Krishna standing on his brother Balram’s back to steal butter from handis (or pots) while their mother Yashoda scolds them for their antics. Notice the bold use of stones to make up for the body and the artwork which complements the entire setup. I especially liked the cute yellow hat on the top! Absolutely lovely!

Materials used – Smooth curved stones, sketch pens for detailing

For unique more art pieces featuring Stone Art, check out Lokesh’s Instagram handle at @lokesh_lokiee_ and DM him for a collaboration.

3. Artastic Canvas (@artastic_canvas)

As you will scroll down, you will come across a well-detailed, precision made water color painting made by Mink Singh Chauhan aka ‘Artastic Canvas’. This art piece represents Lord Krishna standing on top of the head of an enormous poisonous serpent, Kaaliya. To read the more about the story of Krishna and the black serpent, click here

This is f***ing artastic!!

To view the full portfolio starring some of the most amazing water color paintings, visit Artastic Canvas’ instagram handle and DM them for collab.

4. Art’s in Blood (@artsinblood)

Ranjana Mahapatra aka ArtsInBlood is a diverse artist. From deep quotes, pencil sketches, mehendi designs, DIY rakhis to amazing doodles – this artist stands true to her Instagram handle name. Art really is in her blood. Check out ArtsinBlood’s handle to view their complete profile and DM them to collab.

5. Unnati Pai (@picturesque_by_unnati)

Her genre of art can’t exactly be put in a box per se. You’ll have to visit her profile and check out her fabulous artworks for yourself to know it’s true. You can DM her for collabs or paid commission pieces.

6. Prerna Kapoor (@darksun078_)

The below given artwork by Prerna Kapoor aka ‘darksun078’ represents Lord Krishna in various stages of his life. This particular ‘Radha Krishna’ piece shows Krishna and his lover Radha enjoying the soothing notes coming out of the former’s flute.

The Natkhat Krishna showcases his playful avatar as a child.

Muralidhar Krishna shows his avatar playing a flute in his adolescent years.

Makhanchor Krishna shows a little Krishna stealing butter from Handis.

To view more of her artwork, visit her Instagram handle!

7. Penchala Madhavi (@penchalamadhavi)

Check out this video created by Penchala Madhavi for Janmashtami special. I got no words, just watch the video. The Force is strong with this one.

8. SVM.CREATIONS (@svm.creations)

The art pieces made by @svm.creations can be best described as best out of scraps. She recycles and reuses scrap material to create new pieces and to say this is awesomeness is a bit of an understatement.

Check out their Instagram handle for more creations. You can order customised products from them and get it delivered anywhere in India. DM them for more information.

9. Raman’s Craft World (@ramjithlal001)

An artist inside and out. His art pieces are diverse in nature where the usage of natural elements and reuse of scrap material takes the centre stage. His Janmashtami special art piece represents the Muralidhar Krishna on a reused bottle.

Truly amazing work! DM him for collabs, orders and commission work.

10. Santhoshi Priya (@san_thoshipriya)

Santhoshi’s art can be described as – Best out of waste, Bottle Art, Craft with Clay, Drawing, Painting, Silk thread Jewelry and Quilling. Whew!

Gotta check out her handle, now!


So, here you go. 10 artist from around India who put in hours of efforts into their artwork to commemorate the spirit of Krishna Janmashtami. Kudos to each and every one of them!

Special thanks to Putul Bhattacharya aka PutsNuts_ for arranging this c

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