10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up With FoodChow Today!

(1) Greater Exposure To Your Restaurant:-

Before Foodchow –

Only two sources of Online Order Food Marketing are available:

  • Print media (newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, posters) and
  • Mouth-to-Mouth marketing

The marketing radius is limited to only a few localities and the day-to-day Food Order Business is solely dependent upon the foot traffic. Factors like weather and the consumer’s willingness (a factor which many overlook!) play a big role in your eatery’s day-to-day sales.

After Foodchow –

A plethora of strategies are at your disposal once you sign up with foodchow:

  • Own Website,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Digital publicity through Google Ads and Google Local, and so much more…

Total Freedom & Control To The Business Owner:-Foodchow enables the restaurateur to run their own marketing strategies as per their requirements. Instead of relying on the promo offers given by the Bigwigs’ (Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats) where you are clubbed together with 50 other eateries, you can create your own marketing strategy and create your own unique Brand Value.

The issue of using print media marketing (pamphlets & flyers) is the wastage. I see people distributing pamphlets outside colleges and cafes and then I see the same pamphlets strewn across the streets thrown away by un-interested consumers.

Keep the streets clean – Go Green – Go Digital and gift the consumers with 24×7 accessibility to your website to place orders and much more!

Check out 10+ hottest ways to market your restaurant online here!

(2) Creative Control Over Your Business:-

Imagine you, as a restaurateur, want to try out something new – maybe new marketing, a new strategy to increase your sales but you need help in carrying it off AND do not want to pay any commissions to any Online Food Delivery Company.

Before Foodchow:-Either take the full responsibilities of marketing on your own or sign up with any food delivery app and pay the hefty commission in return for their services. You will have reduced creative control and minimal say over the marketing procedure.

After Foodchow:-You will be in control of the planning, development, and execution of your marketing strategies and Foodchow will be with you in every step. Analyzing the public’s reaction, making corrections and re-implementing the strategies will also be fully supported.


  • You will be in control of how your restaurant gets marketed,
  • You will be free to run your own promo offers, reward schemes, loyalty programs and
  • You will be the sole beneficiary of the profits you make.

(3) Ease Of Doing Business:-

Before Foodchow:-You cannot showcase all the services your restaurant provides, for example,table reservations, take-away, pre-ordering, etc. Either the Online Food App doesn’t support that feature or, if you are in it alone, you have to take the help of print media to the public of all your services.

Owing to these factors, the restaurant owner has to face a lot of hassle while carrying out their daily business operations.

After Foodchow:-Their motto is simple, ‘You take care of the food, we will take care of you.’Foodchow’s highly qualified team of the web-developers will setup your website in no time. All services provided by your restaurant will be highlighted on the website. The fully automated system will take care of all your bits & bobs related to Online Ordering and Delivery System.


Before Foodchow: A time ago, if any consumer wanted a special order then they would have to visit the eatery physically. Since the online food apps do not feature all the services you provide, the user still has to visit your eatery physically.

After Foodchow: Now you can take orders even at 3 a.m! With 24×7 accessibility to your restaurant, the users can now place their orders (bulk, pre-order, party orders, advance table booking, etc.) at their own convenience.

The goal here is to cut the time period between the customer deciding to place an order and initiating the process of placing the order. If your website is available all around the clock then it would provide an immense convenience factor for the users as far as the accessibility is concerned.


Before Foodchow: Your restaurant’s name does not feature in the Google Search Results as offline marketing does not support SEO!

A fun fact: Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day! <Source – www.seotribunal.com/blog/google-stats-and-facts/>

If your restaurant is not online then you are missing 63,000 opportunities every second to expand your business! Let that sink in!

After Foodchow: Consider this – You own a restaurant with its own brewery in Locality XYZ. Now a user from the nearby locality searches for ‘Micro-Breweries near me’ and voila! Your restaurant shows up at the top results!

(Need I Say More About SEO Magic?)


Best Online Order Food In Foodchow allows you to try its complete package of services for a month at zero cost. You can experience the benefits first hand. At the end of the month, you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to continue or not.


Before Foodchow: Excluding print media marketing, if you, as a restaurateur, have signed up with an Online Food App then it limits you.

For example, you have a provision for event specific banquet dinners or have a nice rooftop place setting for your guests – but you won’t be able to inform the audience of these features because the Online Food App does not support extra information.

After Foodchow: Don’t just limit yourself to home deliveries. Through Foodchow, you can provide all the services a consumer could ever ask for. This includes:

  • Online Food Ordering & Delivery (including mid-night deliveries),
  • Take-away,
  • Table reservation,
  • Catering,
  • Pre-orders,
  • Party orders,
  • International shipping,
  • Bulk ordering.


Before Foodchow: There are thousands of restaurants signed up with Online Food Apps and everyone of them has a stock picture of their food items uploaded.

  • You cannot display your ambience pics, authentic food pics, etc.
  • The online food app puts every restaurant on the same level ignoring all the quirks and features which makes them unique.

After Foodchow: Show off your restaurant to the audience by uploading your restaurant pictures, ambiance pictures, food pics (try not to upload stock pictures) and let them know what to expect before visiting.

  • If you have a themed restaurant, uploading the ambiance pics can attract a lot of audience to your eatery.
  • Uploading pictures of the kitchen area is a good idea as witnessing a clean and hygienic kitchen can motivate the user to visit your eatery for sure.
  • Uploading staff pictures in their working environment and candid pictures can form a wholesome image of your restaurant.


Before Foodchow: The customer reviews and ratings stay with the Bigwigs. If you decide to end the collaboration then there is no way for you to retain those reviews which your restaurant collected over time. You will be back where you started! ascii-font-����:�

After Foodchow: Foodchow empowers the restaurant owners to deal with customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback directly.

For example, if Swiggy/Zomato/UberEats makes a mistake in their food delivery to the customer then it is the restaurant that gets the bad ratings as well. Do not let the mistakes of a third party get your ratings down.

Foodchow allows the restaurant to maintain its own customer databank which enables them to deal with the feedbacks directly without any intervention from the third party.


Signing up with Foodchow is like becoming a member of a family. From website development to providing marketing solutions, Foodchow provides Complete Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants Owners in growing their business. They provide a restaurant website, food ordering system, mobile app ordering, and online strategy.

Contact them today by visiting Foodchow’s official website i.e. www.foodchow.com.

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