El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – Trailer Analysis, Plot theories and What Can We Expect From It?

‘El Camino: Breaking Bad The Movie’ releases tomorrow! Here are 4 things to look-out for!

After 6 years of waiting, we finally witness Jesse Pinkman’s return in ‘El Camino: Breaking Bad The Movie’, due to be released on October 11, 2019 on Netflix.

El Camino Official Release Poster

Breaking Bad was rightfully one of the greatest TV series of all time and still holds a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Show of All Time.’

In this article, we will explore the themes of its spin-off movie, El Camino and what can we expect from it.

El Camino: Trailer Analysis and Movie Prediction.

The movie starts right after the events of Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale where we saw Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White rescuing Jesse from Jack’s gang.

A still from Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale ‘Felina’. 

Although we see Walter breathing his last in his Meth Lab, speculations are rampant of Walter’s return in the movie; whether he returns as a hallucination, in a videotape or a flashback – even a few seconds of Heisenberg presence will be appreciated globally.

Walter White’s death was confirmed by the creator of the series ‘Vince Gilligan’. 

The trailer for El Camino opens up with the song Black Water’ by ‘Reuben and the Dark’. The melancholic lyrics of the song captures Jesse’s emotional turmoil perfectly; he is on the run from the DEA, his rocky relationship with Walter has come to an end with his death, Andrea’s dead too, the Mexican drug cartel is out for revenge.

This guy seriously can’t catch a break!

I get high…”
” and I get low…”
“I saw my face in the mirror..Though I know I’ve changed..”
“Though I look much the same….” Lyrics from Black Water by Reuben and the Dark.

We can expect this movie to be less about drugs and more about bringing closure to Jesse Pinkman’s fate. More talks, less gun action.


One Youtube channel, ‘New Rockstars‘, have drawn parallels between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and resurrection of Jesse Pinkman after being freed from captivity and slavery. The theory presents us with lots of visuals and situations which both Jesus and Jesse found themselves in.

Check out the video here –

3. moral of the STORY named ‘breaking bad’

If there’s a larger lesson to ‘Breaking Bad,’ it’s that actions have consequences,

‘Breaking bad’ creator Vince Gilligan was quoted in an interview.

El Camino literally translates to ‘The Path.’ After being a part of the Breaking Bad universe for almost a decade, the fans will finally get to witness Jesse’s path come to an end once for all.

The viewers will also see what consequences Jesse and his posse (Skinny Pete and Badger) are facing after their actions. A lot of emotions crosses Jesse’s face in the trailer; we see aggravation, helplessness, despair, guilt, fear, hope and finally, acceptance as he stands in front of a mysterious gunslinger asking, “You Ready?”

Apart from all this though, we catch a glimpse of gentleness within Jesse, as he picks up a beetle, indicating that he is still a non-violent man who will try to find the path of least violence first.

Exhibit A: Jesse showing his gentle nature in Breaking Bad Season 2 (credit: Insider)
Exhibit B: This scene from El Camino Trailer shows that maybe Jesse still has his gentleness deep inside him.
4. who is the mystery man?

At the end of the EL Camino trailer, we see Jesse Pinkman facing a mysterious man. The man has a gun slung to his waist, has a disfigured hand and asks Jesse, ‘Are You Ready?’ to which he simply replies, ‘Yeah’.

Who is this guy?

Who is this man? Is he Walter? Is he Mike Ehrmantraut whom we saw getting shot in season 5? Actor Jonathan Banks (playing Mike Ehrmantraut) did confirm his role in the latest movie, so it could be possible.

El Camino: Breaking Bad The Movie releases on October 11, 2019 on Netflix. Be sure to check it out!

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