I have to admit that as an average Indian, there are plenty of things that I remain ignorant about. We live our lives day in-and-out and never get curious about the small things happening behind the scene. These things keep our society functioning at its normal pace. 

Landmarks of a modern society like Hospitals, Airports/Rail Stations, Malls, Hotels and Heavy Industries wouldn’t be hailed as landmarks if they were insalubrious. Cleanliness and sterility are what we expect whenever we access these facilities. Ever wondered how they are kept that way 24×7?

INDUSTRIALS CLEANING CHEMICALS: Why do I need to care about it?

You need to care because every time you visit a hospital and see nothing but sterile floors – you have industrial floor cleaners to thank for that! Every time you go to the loo at the mall or the airport – you need to thank their cleaning products supplier, by god! 

(Industrial cleaning equipments are applied with industrial floor cleaners to clean up spacious floor plans in private buildings, malls, airports, etc.)
Restaurants and hotels use superior cleaning solutions for house-keeping, deep-cleaning of large kitchens, etc.


Ever went to Yes Bank branch or a Natural Ice Cream outlet? Or ever visited INOX to watch a movie? Heard of Sanjeevani Hospitals? All these institutions are customers to one of India’s leading industrial cleaning solution provider – BUZIL ROSSARI.

BUZIL-ROSSARI is a joint venture between a German company with 100+ years- experience and Rossari Biotech Limited, a company with an excellent manufacturing, quality assurance and supply chain capabilities.

Buzil-Rossari manufactures and supplies premium cleaning solutions in India to hospitality sector, healthcare, facility management, laundry, personal hygiene sector and many more. They offer their customers an “all-round, carefree package” for cleaning applications and strives to become the preferred choice for providing differentiated industrial cleaning solutions by the year 2020!

Visit their official website by clicking here. They are headquartered in Mumbai and have branches all over India. Reach out to them by clicking here.

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