BLACK WIDOW TRAILER BREAKDOWN: Everything you need to know before you watch the movie

BLACK WIDOW OFFICIAL TRAILER OUT! In-depth Trailer Analysis and what we can expect from the latest MCU Installment..

After years of teasing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally released the official trailer of the much awaited movie – Black Widow. The official release date has been cited as May 1, 2020; after almost an year from the release of Spider-man: Far From Home.

Before moving ahead, check out the official teaser trailer of Black Widow below –

Now that we are all caught up, let us have a deeper look and analyze the trailer!


The movie takes place in the two years gap between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. (source)


In the trailer, we see Agent Romanoff taking a trip to Budapest, Hungary. If you remember the previous MCU instalments, you will recall Hawkeye and Black Widow conversing about the ‘events of Budapest’ multiple times, including in Avengers: Endgame.

hawkeye in avengers; age of ultron talking about budapest
Remember this?

In the Black Widow Trailer as well, we see Natasha Romanoff narrating about how she is “done running from her past.” So, in all probabilities, we will see Black Widow revisiting her past to tie up the loose ends just in time to get ready for the events of Avengers: Infinity War.


the opening shot:

The opening shot features an aerial shot of the Liberty Statue of Budapest with a voice over from Natasha Romanoff herself. We see flashes of Black Widow’s origin years from Avengers: Age of Ultron where we see her training in the Red Room along with other Black Widow potentials.

gif-black widow in red room, siberia - her origin years- flashback in age of ultron
Black Widow during her training in the Red Room, Siberia. This flashback was shown in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Next we see Black Widow on the run, most probably after the events of Captain America: Civil War, where she had switched sides to help Captain America evade Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. When Captain America’s side lost, Black Widow had no option but to make a run for it.

But since Avengers HQ were the only safe-place she had, she must have realised she could go back to where she had come from and stop running once and for all.

thaddeus 'thunderbird' ross in black widow trailer
MCU applies its De-aging technology on William Hurt to coalesce his look as per the required timeline.

Next we see Black widow with her iconic glock gun locked and cocked entering an apartment to come face to face with none other than YELENA BELOVA aka the Black Widow. (Turns out Black Widow is a code-name given to every USSR super-spy which comes out of the Red Room training facility in Siberia.)

yelena belova – WHO IS SHE?

As per the comics, Yelena Belova is an amoral super-spy who was sent to assassinate Natasha Romanoff, very much like Hawkeye, but later turns ally with the same.

In the movie however, YELENA BELOVA is revealed to be Natasha’s sister-figure after they exchange a hearty one-on-one sibling fight, like so –

natasha romanoff and yelena belova fight it out in black widow movie 2020
Black Widow vs Black Widow in Black Widow 2020. Let that sink in!

Although, the true connection between the two is yet to be seen.


Next we see Natasha and Yelena teaming up to deal with some ‘unfinished business’ and ‘going back to where it all started.’ Where it all started for the Black Widow was the Red Room Training Facility in Siberia where they were brutally trained to become super-assassins.

So maybe Natasha has come back to come face to face with her past and deal with all her unresolved issues once and for all?


You just have to see this!

black widow in white suit for Black Widow 2020
Since Black Widow is trained to be efficient in stealth missions, wearing a white suit in the snow covered environment of Siberia gives her a leverage over her enemy counterparts in grey.

Now metaphorically speaking, white is the colour of purity and innocence, so maybe Black Widow wearing the white suit symbolizes:

  1. her journey towards confronting her demons (light vs the dark)
  2. coming back to the place where her innocence was ‘trained’ out of her to reclaim that lost part of herself,
  3. she did all the crooked things in the world wearing black because that was her job; so wearing white may symbolize that this is more than just some mission now. This shit is personal.

We finally get a glimpse of the infamous Red Room Training facility in Siberia where Black Widows are created out of adolescent girls.

Up till this point, it is  quite clear that Natasha has come to fight it out with her ‘creators’ once and for all with the aid of her origin ‘family.’

taskmaster – WHO IS HE?
taskmaster in black widow movie 2020
Taskmaster in Black Widow. Don’t be fooled by the bow and arrow – he isn’t Hawkeye. Atleast I hope so…

Next up we meet the Taskmaster, a supervillain/anti-hero with the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously.

As per the comics, the Taskmaster can instantly replicate the movements of peak-level humans which is linked to his muscle memory. This means that he is as skilled in

  • hand-to-hand combat as Captain America,
  • martial arts as Iron Fist or Elektra,
  • swordsman-ship as the Black Knight
  • marksman-ship as Hawkeye, Punisher and Bullseye and
  • athletic ability as the Black Panther or the Daredevil.

The only person capable of defeating the Taskmaster is known to be Deadpool because the guy is just too unpredictable for Taskmaster to replicate his moves!

Deadpool with taskmaster comics strip
Deadpool with the Taskmaster in comic strip. GOOOOOO Deadpool!

In the comics, she is known as the Iron Maiden, originally an agent of the Russian Government who later turns to be a freelancer mercenary.

In the movie however, she shows herself as a Black Widow who was trained in the Red Room as well. Her role in the movie as of yet is unclear.

alexei shostakov aka RED-GUARDIAN – WHO IS HE?
red guardian debut in black widow movie 2020

In the comics, Alexei Shostakov aka the Red Guardian was a test pilot and a KGB agent who was trained to be the Russian counterpart of Captain America. Owing to his extra ordinary skills and talents, he was given the most dangerous missions and was decorated as the hero of the Soviet Union.


In the comics, the Red Guardian marries an equally famous ballerina called Natasha Romanoff. Yes, the Red Guardian and our Black Widow can quite possibly be husband and wife in the movie too. Ex-husband and wife, that is.

Black Widow and Red Guardian (dressed as Ronin in the comic strip)

In one shot, we see Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff, Melina Vostokoff and Alexei Shostakov sitting together when Alexei comments about them being a family to which Melina lovingly quips, ‘you’ve gotten fat!’

black widow trailer - dining table scene

We can expect some light-hearted moments in this instalment as is the custom with any MCU movie.


A. Origin Story of Natasha Romanoff –

Out of the six original Avengers, Black Widow and Hawkeye were the only ones to not have their stand-alone movies. Where Black Widow scores her own stand-alone movie in 2020; Hawkeye is getting his own series launched on Disney+ in 2021.

original avengers line-up
Although Mark Ruffalo doesn’t have his own movie in the MCU, the origin story of the Hulk has been portrayed in the MCU along with a sequel i.e. The Incredible Hulk. Once Hawkeye’s series launches in 2021, our original Avengers will be officially done.

In the movie, we will finally get to know about:

i. Natasha’s past and what led her to defect the KGB to side with S.H.I.E.L.D all those years ago,

ii. her ‘family’ before she met Nick Fury and Hawkeye,

iii. her bloody history as the dreaded Black Widow when she was trained in the Red Room in Siberia.
B. Her character arc –

Over the past 23 movies, we have witnessed Black Widow’s presence in eight of them.

  • We were introduced to her in Iron Man 1,
  • got to know her a little better in Iron Man 2,
  • Saw her team-work skills in Avengers,
  • Got to know about her espionage and spy skills while discovering a tender side of her in Captain America: The Winter Solider,
  • Saw her try to maintain peace within her new ‘family’ and remain diplomatic in Captain America: Civil War,
  • Jump to Avengers: Infinity War where we see her in a not so major role,
  • In Avengers: Endgame, we see her sacrificing her life for the greater good and for the Avengers because they were her family. They were all she had.

After the events of Infinity War, we saw Natasha taking lead of the Avengers HQ and was seeing giving orders to and taking reports from everyone.

What made Black Widow transition from a spy to the leader of the Avengers? What made her choose to give her own life for the greater good? Did she even have a personal life – like we saw with literally every other Avenger? Even after 8 movies, there was so much more we don’t know about Natasha Romanoff.

This 2020 movie comes as an answer to all of those questions and then some more.
 C. Closure –

Ever since we saw Black Widow’s most terrifying memory in Age of Ultron, the populace has been ever so curious to find out more about her. Due to the increasing public demand for a stand-alone movie for the Black Widow, we will finally discover Natasha Romanoff’s whole being. Since we already know her fate in Endgame, it will be interesting to see her make the choices which will ultimately lead her to sacrifice her own life in the end.

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