In an office where work environments are strictly formal – everyone showcases their most professional work-persona and expects the same attitude and cooperation from everyone else. Why not? In a demanding and competitive work environment, it would be unwise to expect anything else since the goal is solely to successfully complete the project.

But tempers do rise and tussles do take place. More often than not, ego hassles are main contributors for a project delay. This  is where an executive coaching can help you deal with these issues in a constructive manner.

(The calm little guy is always the smart one)

How can egos in executive offices can be controlled?

Executive coaching in India have dedicated programs to tackle this question and  the fact that you are reading this article means you are facing some kind of ego-driven situation in your workplace and wondering how to deal with it.

Well, look no further! I have listed below five ways through which you can smartly deal with an ego-clash – 

1. Get Into Teamwork Projects

There is no ‘I’ in TEAM

Starting an intensive project which requires each member to contribute efficiently will force everyone to work as a team, whether they like or not. The leader should be observant, neutral and commanding enough to control his/her team if things get out of control. 

Carrying out 3-4 projects like that will ensure that emotion-free professionalism runs in their blood. 

2. Observe Behaviour

Two reasons why a member of your team gets into repeated ego-clashes are either A) they need to get the work done as it was supposed to be, or B) they need to get the work done as THEY envisioned it to be. 

“Well, that escalated quickly!”

There is a fine line between the two and as a leader, one has to understand the root cause of these clashes. Who started it, who is enabling it, who is trying to make peace – observe your members during a tussle and determine each’s attitude. Understanding will lead to awareness which will result in corresponding action.

3. Reflect On Performance

(Is this you on every performance review?)

An executive coaching will enable you to analyse if the ego-bouts are degrading the overall team’s performance. You will get to learn where to negotiate and where to take strict measures. If the team is falling short of their expected results due to frequent distractions then the leader will need to take those factors out of the equation.

4. Engage Executive Coaching Services

(Image Credit: Coach Amitava)

Executive coaching in India has grown substantially over the past few years. There are a numerous coachings held for executive offices where the whole audience is invited to partake in professional skill-building activities and personality development.

5. Their Ego V/S Your Ego

Being a team leader is not a position like a boss’ title. A wise leader is someone who understands the need of egos and how they drive an average person to achieve feats in life. 

A wise leader who is calm and clever knows when to cater to their members’ ego and when to let them know who is in charge. 

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