“The world has enough for man’s need but not enough for man’s greed!”

~M.K Gandhi

There is, some might say, a fine line between Wants and Needs but as we grow older, we tend to confuse between the two a lot.

Simply speaking,

Needs are those without which we wouldn’t be able to survive.Wants are something which we desire out of our life.

Air, food, water, shelter and personal hygiene are some THE most basic needs of a person. If we fail to provide ourselves any of this – onset of disease and/or death shall occur.

(source – Survival Life)

Wants, on the other hand, are our desires, things which we want out of life. It could be an automobile, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, international holidays, etc.

(Source – Clip Art Portal)

 You don’t need Wants to survive but your Wants are what pushes you to work harder in life. As your age, level of maturity and earning capacity begins to change, so do your Wants.


Kindly understand that as you grow up, you will want to experience a little bit of everything possible and you know what, it’s perfectly okay to do so. But a certain boundary should always be present. Not everything you want will always be fulfilled so you should not take your parents/guardians for granted and not expect them to say yes to everything, everytime.

  • Asking for an automobile because everyone has one, asking to go on an expensive vacation with your friends or for a new phone when the old one works just fine – if your parents say ‘no’ then instead of getting angry, you should calmly ask for the reason first.
  • Prevent yourself from making tantrums or drawing attention upon yourself when something is not granted. It may seem unfair but what you are actually being trained for is how to be graceful under unfavourable circumstances.

“Life is unfair. But Life is unfair to everyone..which makes Life fair, afterall”


  • Communication is key. If you truly want something and are not ready to back down without a fight then communicate with your words (intellect), not your emotions (instinct). Communicate as to why this Want is so important to you without crying, being rude and/or raising your voice.
  • Learn to accept that it is okay to not get everything you want. Your parents still love you but they can’t cater to your every whim now, can they?

Hearing ‘no’ every now-and-then will make you flexible, patient and humble. These are golden qualities to have in your arsenal when you face Life to its fullest later on.

NEEDS on the other hand, always stay the same whether you are rich or poor, kid or adult.

( Source: Kunzon Publishing)

Almost all the negative things which happen in the World are because some people want to satisfy their Wants at any cost. A kid stealing a 100/- note from her mother’s purse, a child lying to his/her parents because they don’t want to get into trouble…Clarity between our Wants and Needs is utmost important from childhood if we wish to live a well balanced life.

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