Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery That Is THIN-LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY (TLC)

If you have ever read an article about anything remotely scientific then you MUST have noticed these words at least once – “According to the chemical analysis lab results…” or “As per the findings made in the chemical analysis lab…” C’mon! You know you’ve read it.

So, what exactly goes on in a chemical analysis lab? HOW findings are made using TLC? WHY should you have anything to do with it?

(Buckle up, Buttercup!)


Simply speaking, Thin-Layer Chromatography is just like a person zooming in on an image until it is nothing but huge blurry pixels. Now imagine, instead of an image, there is a sample containing either a pharmaceutical/herbal drug, blood sample, cosmetic serum sample, etc. and your hand is a fancy microscope which can magnify until you can see the molecules and components which made up the sample.

(Getting the picture?)


  1. In food and cosmetic industry – TLC method is used for separation and identification of colours, preservatives, sweetening agent and various cosmetic products. 
  1. In pharmaceutical industry – various pharmaceutical companies use the TLC technique for detecting an impurity in a pharmacopeial chemical. 
  1. In chemistry: TLC method separates and identifies compounds which are closely related to each other. This comes very handy when we need to decipher and isolate what components have made up a specific compound. All labs for chemical analysis uses TLC in their day-to-day functioning.
  1. Biochemical analysis: TLC methodology is utilitarian in isolation or separation of biochemical constituents from samples of body fluids, blood plasma, urine etc.
  2. Purity of any sample: Purity of sample can be carried out with TLC. Deviations are measured between the sample and its corresponding standard; if any impurity is detected, then it can be detected easily.
  1. In Medicines: Medicines like sedatives, local anaesthetics, analgesics and steroids have been tested qualitatively by the TLC method.

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